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Answer to E10-7 Instructions Prepare the entry that should have been made at the date of each acquisition. E10-7 (Capitalization o...
Answer to E10-7 Preparing Journal Entries to Record Issuance of Bonds and Payment of Interest [LO 10-3] On January 1, 2013, Applie...
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Order: Adderpool, Bracketburn, Calcusea, Directington. 1.3 Adding negative numbers. 1 a 3 b –5 c –13 d –7 e –3 f 3 g –2 h –10. 2 a 3 b –2 c –6 d –10. 3 a False b True c False d True. 4 a 2 b –4 c 6 d –3. 5 £3.40. 6 a –10 b 15 c 7 d 4. e It would need ten correct answers and one incorrect answer, but there are only ten
E10-2 1. Factory Machinery (Plant) Asset 2. Truck (Equipment) Asset - It is performed before the asset is purchased 3. Factory Machinery (Plant) Asset 4. Land Asset 5. Prepaid Insurance Asset 6. Land Improvements Asset 7. Land Improvements Asset 8. Land Asset 9. Building Asset E10-6 A: $150,000 - $12,000 = $138,000
E10-7 (Capitaliza±on of Interest) Harrisburg Furniture Company started construc±on of a combina±on o²ce and warehouse building for its own use at an es±mated cost of $5,000,000 on January 1, 2014. Harrisburg expected to complete the building by December 31, 2014. Harrisburg has the following debt obliga±ons
WEEK 1 SOLUTIONS Exercises E10-1, E10-8, E10-13 & E10-18 Exercise 10-1 Capitalized cost of land : Purchase price $60,000 Demolition of old building $4,000 Less: Sale of materials (2,000 ) 2,000 Legal fees for title investigation 2,000 Total cost of land $64,000 Capitalized cost of building : Construction costs $500,000
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E10-3. Capitalizing costs subsequent to acquisition. Requirement 1: The following costs are capitalized to the building: Major improvement to the plumbing. $109,000 ... E10-7. Determining asset cost and depreciation expense – straight-line. (AICPA adapted). First, we must find the total cost of the machine. Purchase price.

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